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Posted on Apr 5, 2017 in Family Travel, Hawaii, Hotel Review | 0 comments

The Big Island or Oahu? We visited both over break

The Big Island or Oahu? We visited both over break

The spectacular view above is from the Mauna Koa hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii.  My family went when I was a young teen and I was excited for my teenage daughters to check it out a few decades, ahem, later.

It still has the mid-century vibe that I remembered, meticulously maintained, of course. It is also still family-friendly with many on-property activities available and an excellent concierge service ready to book nearby excursions as well.  Paddleboards, snorkeling, sea kayaking, tennis, golf, and of course, surfing, a pool and a beach bar are all available on site or nearby.

A highlight for us was seeing lava flowing into the ocean from our helicopter ride!

We were fortunate that my colleague also invited us to visit the Halekulani on Oahu for a site visit. After the laid-back vibe of the Big Island, we were ready to head to Honolulu and the exceptional luxury of the Halekulani. While there is water access from the hotel, the focus is on the stunning pool with cabanas and all the amenities you’d want while you’re lounging and relaxing pool-side. The concierge service here was excellent as well. And you can see Diamondhead on the other side of Waikiki beach from many of the rooms.

My love for Hawaii and the hospitality on display at our hotels really solidified this as a terrific destination for my family and my clients. No passports or language lessons are required for this tropical destination that still feels a world away.

If you and your family want help deciding which island is best for your next Hawaiian vacation, I’d love to help you explore the options and find the perfect spot!

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