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Posted on Jun 6, 2017 in Hotel Review, London | 0 comments

London: A Singular Destination

London: A Singular Destination

London is one of my favorite destinations and certainly one for which I have deep and loving respect and knowledge. For those who don’t know, it was my first posting when I lived in Europe and practically a second home when I moved to Prague. I would visit almost monthly for both professional and personal trips. Of course, when you visit that frequently, you are able to take your time exploring and learning the city.

These days, my trips are shorter and so are my clients’ visits and we’re often trying to really maximize the London experience over the course of a week or less. After developing a close relationship with the NoteWorthy travel team, I’m able to extend my own knowledge base and resources with theirs.

NoteWorthy is an award-winning travel organization with a tagline of “Exquisite British Experiences since 1986”.  And, do they deliver on that promise. I wrote recently about a client who took his grandson to London with a wishlist that included visiting both historically significant places and attending an Arsenal game!  NoteWorthy provided both the tickets to the game and arranged a private tour of the Churchill War Rooms.

Their private visit was led by one of NoteWorthy’s expert guides, in this case, a Knighted expert on the topic, and my client said that the experience was “spectacular.”

I help my clients brainstorm and then I work with NoteWorthy to customize the London trip so that it really caters to both interests and any limitations of time (or stamina!)

In addition to making sure the excursions and activities are top-notch, I also work with my clients to find the best match in hotels. My three children have helped me identify the best kid-tested options and we usually prefer The Haymarket for both location and their delicious care in catering to their clients every need. I’m able to recommend romantic or more unusual hotel options as well.

When time is a precious commodity on a trip and you don’t know what you don’t know about London and its historic and cultural experiences, my knowledge paired with the NoteWorthy team’s expertise can be a terrific way to have an exquisite and extraordinary vacation. I’d love to help you Keep Calm and Visit London!

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