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5 Myths About Using a Travel Consultant

I’ve found that there are several myths about using a travel consultant in this day of online-everything.  Here’s a quick list of the top five myths that come up when I explain how I help my clients realize their travel goals with less hassle and more satisfaction.

Myth #1: Using a Travel Consultant must cost more

Actually, the commission to the travel consultant is paid by the hotel, tour company, etc.  And the rates that they offer travel consultants are at least as good as the rates that you’ll find anywhere else.  The travel industry vendors offer their best amenities, pricing, and service to the clients who will bring them the most business.  A travel consultant is able to leverage great service for you that you’d be unlikely to get on your own.

There will sometimes be a planning fee but if the consultant needs to charge one, you’ll be provided the information ahead of time so you can make an informed decision.  Remember, that your time is valuable and the expertise and connections that the travel consultant can bring typically make this a worthwhile investment.

Myth #2: A travel consultant will push you into the hotels that pay the highest commissions.

A travel consultant is most effective when they get to know you and your travel needs over several trips.  They know that the long-term opportunities from a single client and their referrals are worth much more than compromising a client’s trip by booking an inappropriate hotel.   Similarly, although I’m affiliated with the Virtuoso network of hotels, I happily research and book my clients at other hotels when there is a better fit for them.

Myth #3: There are better rates online than those offered by a travel consultant.

The transparency in pricing offered by an internet search is available to everyone and your travel consultant will be able to find those rates as well.  Often with better amenities thrown in.

Myth #4: I won’t be able to control my trip and plans.

You and your consultant are partners in creating the trip that you want.  It’s your trip and your consultant will identify your goals and in fact, is more likely to get you a better end result because of their knowledge, expertise and connections.  So, yes, maybe there is a kernel of truth in that you won’t be doing the time-consuming research, but you will be doing the final decision-making!

Myth #5: Travel consultants only know about the popular places so if I’m heading off the beaten path, I should go it alone.

In fact, well-connected travel consultants leverage their network of experts to help you with the nitty-gritty of traveling to places that aren’t yet tourist towns.   There can be specific travel logistics and protocols for a unique location and you’ll be prepared with the details you’ll need for a safe and satisfying trip.   In addition, we’re often able to find better amenities in these more remote destinations.

Give me a call or send me an email to learn how I can help you with your next travel adventure!


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