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About Gigi


Starting at an early age, Gigi Williamson developed a keen interest in the adventure that is travel. Gigi’s study of languages, coupled with her extensive domestic and international travel, created a deep respect for travel’s ability to enrich and broaden everyone’s intellect, sophistication and tolerance. After working in New York, London, Prague, and Zurich, for a Fortune 500 company, Gigi decided to change careers and become a Travel Advisor.

Gigi combines her experiences abroad, with her passion for cultural diversity, to allow her to create custom itineraries for clients. “The devil is in the details”, and Gigi approaches each itinerary with a tireless commitment to provide her clients with the highest standard in travel planning. She does this by treating each trip as an individual and unique experience which will be managed according to her client’s goals and priorities. There is no single formula for success in designing travel itineraries; rather, success requires listening for what is important to the client, relentless research, and genuine curiosity about the destination!

Whether your travels take you to metropolitan, urban capitals, or far-flung resorts off the beaten path, Williamson Travel is able to access the best network of travel contacts and destination information to ensure that your trip achieves its consummate potential.


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