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What happens when something goes wrong while you’re traveling?

I recently got a text from client right after she landed in Australia because she had a medical scare while on the plane. Fortunately, the client was fine but it did remind me how helpful I can be when things aren’t going according to the well-laid plans that we make for big trips.  And, that some of these well-laid plans include being prepared for this and other travel challenges.

For example, I almost always recommend travel insurance.  My agency has vetted Travelex and they’re usually our go-to provider for insurance that will help in medical situations or other circumstances where a trip is interrupted.  As soon as I got the text from my client, I was checking in with them about medical resources that they could provide as well as working with the onsite tour company we used to see what it would take to change the itinerary (and mitigate any associated fees).

I also choose our onsite partners carefully and with input from experts within the industry who have location-specific knowledge if it’s a locale I haven’t personally visited.  Knowing that my clients and I can trust their onsite vendor if things head off-track is reassuring to us all.

Finally, I’m your advocate, facilitator and coordinator to take care of all the hassles associated with rescheduling, rebooking or in the worst case, cancelling a trip entirely.  You get to focus on your health or family’s welfare without worrying about the other pieces falling into place.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to find out what happens when things go wrong, but it’s nice to know that our network has you covered just in case!

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